[AV Installation] KTN Broadcasting Convention Hall of Atlanta, GA

AV Installation Processing at Atlanta, GA. Our client wanted Living Sound to provide audio install for their main convention hall.  We have provided the best solution to satisfy their needs.  Going with the LSS M60 mains and LSS LT60 front fills, we made sure the clarity and fullness were present for the people in the

[AV Installation] Binnerri Church of Richardson, TX

AV Installation COMPLETED at Rechardson, TX.It is amazing how much work Living Sound staff have done for this installation project for Binnerri presbyterian church.As we have mentioned before, we are so excited to present our LSS series that provides fullness of sound! After installation was complete, church members and were very surprised and amazed at

[Installation] Baptist Church of Abilene

Our service visited International Baptist Church of Abilene for the AV installation! We have offered staff training and solutions for the current system. As always, Living Sound provides the best audio/video/lighting systems to our customers. We are proud of our products so we guarantee the best rental systems. Having difficulties during the worship service at

[Installation] Bethany Presbyterian Church

We had an acoustic treatment installation for the English Ministry worship center of the Bethany Korean Presbyterian Church of Dallas. No matter how big or small the chapel is, they all need to go over with sound check with the right treatment. That said, Living sound is here for you!