[AV Installation] Congregation YWHW in Irving, TX


Living Sound completed another project with Congregation YWHW.YWHW used an analog system to operate both audio and video for several years. They host an outdoor event and take a gigantic equipment rack with them every year for the AV system.They wanted to reduce the size of the system so it is portable and easy to

[AV Installation] G3 Madison Church in Madison, AL


Living Sound finished this project with G3 Madison Church in Alabama.This brand new building is ready for wonderful worship service! The sanctuary is equipped with the following LSS Speakers: LSS M60 – Main Speakers LSS SP220 – Down-fill Speakers LSS Octo 18 – Subwoofer Speakers LSS M30.3 – Stage Monitor Speakers LSS MM1 – Podium

[A/V Consultation] Multi-Purpose Hall in Mansfield, TX


Living Sound visited Mansfield, TX to have a meeting on how efficiently design and install A/V and broadcasting systems for various purposes. This place will be used as a church on weekends and an event/wedding hall on weekdays.Unlike other companies, they were satisfied with our easy and clear explanation. They were impressed with our portfolio