[Installation] Birchman Baptist Church in Fort Worth, TX


Living Sound provides the most suitable system for your church. Birchman Baptist Church is upgrading its system. They have Christmas shows every year, full choir, full orchestra, and full band session. Living Sound provided the best solution for their needs.

DLive S7000 as the House and Broadcasting console with DM 64/0 engines.

Avantis as the Monitor console.

Waves Soundgrid for the multi-track recording, post-mixing, and 

Using the GigaAce system to operate each system freely and efficiently for the volunteers.

With this system, they operate up to 128 inputs, 64 outputs, 128 I/O signal flow, and 24 monitor channels. They can freely change their system based on their needs.

We designed the system so each House, Monitor, and Broadcasting operator can control their own audio system (Gain structure, EQ, Effects, etc).

If you are considering upgrading or building a new media system, Living Sound is here to start the first step with you.

Please do not hesitate to contact us!

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