Living Sound provides Church Media Consultation by listening to your consideration, needs, and goals while considering your unique space and budget plan. Our Four-Steps Consultation will guide you step by step on how you can improve your Worship Service via Media System. We can support you using the media system as a great tool to give wholehearted worship to our Lord.

  1. Pre-consultation
  2. Onsite Visit
  3. Troubleshooting/Solution
  4. Virtual/Visit Care

Media System Zoom Consultation

We provide a Free Consultation to support local churches via Zoom Meetings.

We offer two types of consultations:

  • Professional Business Consultation: We provide a 45-minute-long business meeting with professional diagrams and estimated quotes to suggest the Best Solution for your church.
      • The pictures/videos of your church. The entire view of your sanctuary, media room, equipment, etc. THE MORE, THE BETTER. We will prepare the meeting with your pictures and videos.
    • Optional:
      • Equipment List. Brand and Model Name of your owned/using equipment. (Speakers, Amplifiers, Mixing Console, Digital/Analog Snake, Microphones, etc.)
  • Quick Troubleshooting: We provide a 25-minute-long meeting. You can bring simple Church-Media-Related questions. We will answer and troubleshoot your questions and problems.
    • Optional:
      • Prepare referable pictures/videos of your church. The entire view of your sanctuary, media room, equipment, etc. You can save time explaining your media system by sending pictures and videos.

For a consultation request, fill out the information below:

In-studio / On-site Training

Let’s take your knowledge to the next level!  Want to expand your current repertoire and be more confident than ever?  Training with Living Sound is the answer for you.  Whether you want to visit our facility and operate numerous systems or we visit you in person, the Living Sound team is highly accessible for you.  Any questions of concerns, feel free to ask us anytime!

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Here are just a couple of our many clients that appreciated our consultation visit.  Our team offers expert advice when it comes to your current situation or wanting suggestions for future upgrades.  We do not sugar-coat anything… we state facts based off our many experiences of installing and designing numerous projects over the past years.  Give us a thumbs up if you have enjoyed our visit!