Our goal is to develop systematical and relational ways to connect the media production with your audience.  Whether it is audio, video, or lighting, we want to provide consistent experience throughout the whole facility.  We want to take the worship service to another level with optimal yet budget friendly solutions.  More importantly, a distraction-free experience.  All of our clients shown below have expressed much gratitude and praise with our work and customer service.  Contact us for a free consultation call!




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JAMA Global Campus

Full A/V installation complete at JAMA main sanctuary and conference room. We have included our top-of-the-line LSS speaker systems for this project. 4 LSS QREX main speakers, 4 LSS OCTO 18 subs, and 4 LSS M60 delays with Powersoft Quattrocanali Series amplifiers. Doesn’t get that better than this. Full range support from deep lows to crisp highs. It was great seeing the opening service fully up and running. Greater things to come to JAMA Global Missions!


Korean Presbyterian Church of Metro Detroit 

In working with Living Sound, we guarantee 100% satisfaction and top customer service. After a successful install last month, our team took flight to provide personal consultation and post-management for our client. We were there to answer any questions and offer advice to create an improved worship atmosphere!


Main Speaker Installation @ Birchman Baptist Church – Fort Worth, TX

Marvelous quality with LSS M60 Main Speakers + LSS SP220 Down Fill Speakers. Fighting to have sufficient headroom and depth with the previous rig, Living Sound proposed the high definition LSS M60 for maximum throw and superb quality sound. To cover the first couple of rows, the LSS SP220 achieved that role. Exceeding expectations, always amazed how multi-functional and various the LSS cabinets can be!


Austin Korean Presbyterian Church

Living Sound took command for a full A/V install at Austin Korean Presbyterian Church. Transitioning to a larger venue, the church asked for a fresh start.  Wanting to go with the LSS package, we knew the church would be very excited and not feel disappointed.#M60 #SP220 #OCTO18 #WM2 #Pulce #MIL130 #M30.2.


Hanmaum International Baptist Church  

Audio and visual installation at Hanmaum International Baptist Church at Fort Worth, TX.  Great thing about this system design is that most average sized churches can relate to this setup.  LSS speaker design presents great clarity to both the congregation and worship team.

#LSS #Powersoft #Quattrocanali #SP530 #SP220 #MM1 #M30.3 #MIL130 #PP4


Birchman Baptist Church Gym Audio 

Installing a high-quality sound system is almost second nature to most gym facilities. We see every room having their own potential.  The community highly appreciated the final results and were amazed by the sound quality of the LSS speakers.
#LSS #SP530 #SP220 #OCTO18


Birchman Video Control Room Installation

The video control room went through a huge makeover here at Birchman Dallas Church. The Living Sound team did a fantastic job designing and putting together this amazing facility.  Want to upgrade your control room?  Contact us!


San Antonio Baptist Church AV system Installation 

Living Sound was given the assignment to design and install live sound reinforcement for a 150-200 member church.  By analyzing the ceiling height to speaker throw/angle ratio, we went with our compact LSS SP-425 2-way loudspeaker for optimal coverage.  In addition, installed the LSS SP-220 for worship team stage monitors and LSS MM-1 for pastor’s personal monitor.