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Living Sound provides professional-level equipment to bring your creativity to reality. Digital Production is one of the most useful tools to spread the Good News. Audio, Video, Lighting, LED Screens, and our professional technicians are there for your church productions such as Live Worship recordings, Worship Music Videos, Podcasts, Audio Books, TV shows, and Virtual Reality Stages. You can create any content to glorify His Name.

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Rebekah Jeong – Vocal Recording

Vocalist Rebekah Jeong swung by the studio to sing a cover of Bluebird. Knowing the difficulty of the song, did a great job carrying the vibe and technique of the piece. Definitely one of most talented people we’ve worked with. Outstanding performance!

Jooenun Kim – Violin Recording

It was an honor making the full production of this heartfelt project here at Living Sound Production. Listening to this soothing performance reveals eye-opening moments in our personal lives of how much we lack. Yet, God fulfills and conquers all!

Drew Benson – Vocal Recording

Vocalist Drew Benson have visited Living Sound Production for voice recording & music video shooting. Honored to provide high-quality content for our client.

Helen Haeun Kim – Flute Recording

Flutist Helen Haeun Kim have visited Living Sound Production for Recording & music video shooting. The tone and performance from Helen have set a great atmosphere here at the studio.

Ruth Chang – Violin Recording

Violinist Ruth Chang visited Living Sound Production for her solo recording project.  The video production and audio recording fits really well together.  Glad to be of service to you!

Voice Group Recording (Jesus Only Jesus)

Group of amazing ladies visited Living Sound Studio for music video and profile picture shooting.  Great harmony, great collaboration.  The a capella was mastered in a matter of minutes.  Expecting more projects like this to come for Living Sound!

Amy Hajung Kim – Oboe Recording

SMU Oboist Amy Hajung Kim have visited Living Sound Production for recording & music video shooting. The tone and performance from Amy have set a great atmosphere here at the studio.

Ye-eun Kim – Vocal Recording

Projects like these always reminds us how great God is and how we can’t take anything for granted. Watching the animation while listening to her voice makes it that much better. Great moment here at the studio!

Hana Kim – Violin Recording

Violinist Hana Kim visited Living Sound Production for her solo recording. Playing the cover of a worship song, it brightened up the mood here at the studio! With the Neumann TLM49 microphone, it captured the full and clear natural tone of the violin. Had a great time tracking this project!

Jongsul Park – Vocal Recording

CCC representative Pastor Jongsul Park visited Living Sound for vocal recording and video shoot.  When singing Father’s Heart, it set an deep and emotional atmosphere here at the studio.  Very blessed and thankful to have projects like this.  Honored to encounter various types of artists here at Living Sound Studio!