Are you uncertain whether your equipment requires repair or replacement?
Our Inspection Service for Media Systems can provide the clarity you need.
Through our comprehensive inspection process,
we can determine if repairs are necessary or if it’s time to consider a replacement.

Don’t let confusion hold you back!
Let our Inspection Service shed light on the best course of action for your Media Systems.

Services Includes:

  • Check Audio Signal Flow – I/O ports
  • Check Digital Signal Flow – Network Ports
  • Check Conditions of the Speaker Drivers
  • Check Conditions of the Amplifiers
  • Check Firmware Version of Mixer, Digital Snake, etc.
  • Check Safety of the Rigging/Hoisting

  • Check Video Signal Flow
  • Check Conditions of the Video Switcher
  • Check Conditions of the Video Projection
  • Check Conditions of the PTZ Camera System
  • Check Safety of the Rigging/Hoisting
  • Check Lighting DMX Signal Flow – DMX Address Code
  • Check Conditions of the Lightings
  • Check Safety of the Rigging/Hoisting
Official ReportInsurance Claim Report
  • Living Sound provides an Official Report after the Inspection.
  • It will indicate the conditions of the speakers with data graph.
  • This comprehensive report will outline the current condition of the Media Systems, highlight any identified issues, and provide recommendations for necessary repairs or improvements.
  • Official Report can be used in your Leadership Meeting.

  • If your equipment is damaged by natural disaster which is covered by the insurance, we will provide an official report detailing how the equipment has been damaged.
  • Living Sound will take pictures and videos as proof of evidence that the equipment is damaged.
  • Living Sound will answer all questions regards to questions about Media Equipment from the Insurance company.

Living Sound’s inspection service aims to provide clients with a clear understanding of the state of their Media Systems, enabling them to make informed decisions regarding maintenance, upgrades, or replacements. Please note that Living Sound does not provide Repair Service.

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