Church AV

[Installation] Birchman Baptist Church in Fort Worth, TX


Living Sound provides the most suitable system for your church. Birchman Baptist Church is upgrading its system. They have Christmas shows every year, full choir, full orchestra, and full band session. Living Sound provided the best solution for their needs. DLive S7000 as the House and Broadcasting console with DM 64/0 engines. Avantis as the

[Church AV] Living Sound System Design

Living Sound prioritizes the best result for our clients. Therefore, we prepare every detail for their system. We keep training our staff and experimenting with our design for the best outcome for our clients.We never stick to traditional designs and equipment. We always pursue a new strategy with the most advanced software and hardware.We challenge

[AV Installation] Congregation YWHW in Irving, TX


Living Sound completed another project with Congregation YWHW.YWHW used an analog system to operate both audio and video for several years. They host an outdoor event and take a gigantic equipment rack with them every year for the AV system.They wanted to reduce the size of the system so it is portable and easy to

[Audio Rental] Ongijangee Music concerts in Dallas, TX


Ongijangee is one of the most famous Contemporary Christian Music teams in Korea. They came back after the pandemic to Dallas, TX! Living Sound supported their live concerts in various churches.Our LSS LT60 speakers with their full dynamic range and richness of sound played a huge role to deliver singers’ beautiful voices to the congregation.

[Church AV] Management for Birchman Baptist Church in Fort Worth, TX

One of the main reasons our clients choose Living Sound is our management service. We take care of our clients after the installation.Birchman Baptist Church had water damage on their equipment from the last floods.Living Sound checked up on their system and provided a professional damage report for an insurance claim.At the same time, we

[Media & Worship Tour] Prestonwood Baptist Church in Plano, TX

Worship&Media Tour at Prestonwood Baptist Church in Plano, TX!Amazing leaders in the Media&Worship departments met with us to help our worship and media leaders. We discussed how we can improve teamwork, and how to manage the special events and the worship service with the leaders of the church.Enormous great tips were poured down to our

[Media & Worship Tour] First Baptist Dallas Church in Dallas, TX

Living Sound managed a Worship&Media Tour at First Baptist Dallas Church in Dallas downtown. The tour members were all the way from Korea! They visited the main Sunday Worship Service and Rehearsal night. The staff members from FBD passionately shared their great knowledge and tips on how to manage the team and equipment, invest time