Church AV

[AV Consultation] St. Philip’s Episcopal Church in Frisco, TX

We recently visited St. Philip’s Episcopal Church in Frisco, TX. Their Speaker System has been in use for a remarkable 17 years!However, it’s time for an upgrade. The speaker drivers have become outdated, and cannot make a clean and quality sound anymore. At Living Sound, we take pride in assisting churches in optimizing their audio

[Consultation] Clearview Bible Church in Canton, TX


We are delighted to share the remarkable outcome of our recent engagement with Clearview Bible Church in Canton, TX. We visited to assess and optimize their audiovisual setup, focusing on equipment conditions, signal flow, speaker performance, and amplification. We provided insightful solutions for the church about their outdated/damaged equipment. After the consultation, we conducted the

[Inspection] New Horizon Vineyard Church in Rowlett, TX


We are excited to share the successful completion of our recent inspection at New Horizon Vineyard Church in Rowlett, TX. During our visit, we conducted a thorough assessment of various crucial components, including the measurement of speaker frequency response, evaluation of amplifier condition, analysis of signal flow, scrutiny of video projection systems, and assessment of

[Consultation] New Testament Church in Dallas, TX


Living Sound recently visited New Testament Church in Dallas, TX to assist with upgrading their sound system. We discussed the Audio, Video, Lighting, and Broadcasting Systems to provide an insight. We thoroughly assessed the conditions of their equipment and provided optimal solutions for their needs. Are you having trouble knowing where to start when it

[Installation] Birchman Baptist Church in Fort Worth, TX


Living Sound provides the most suitable system for your church. Birchman Baptist Church is upgrading its system. They have Christmas shows every year, full choir, full orchestra, and full band session. Living Sound provided the best solution for their needs. DLive S7000 as the House and Broadcasting console with DM 64/0 engines. Avantis as the

[Church AV] Living Sound System Design

Living Sound prioritizes the best result for our clients. Therefore, we prepare every detail for their system. We keep training our staff and experimenting with our design for the best outcome for our clients.We never stick to traditional designs and equipment. We always pursue a new strategy with the most advanced software and hardware.We challenge