Church AV

Antioch Full Gospel Church of Dallas

Our service visit to Antioch Full Gospel Church of Dallas included urgent system troubleshooting, training current system and offering solutions for future upgrades. Appreciate the community of recommending Living Sound not only locally but all around the United States. 

Final Day – JAMA Global Campus @ Lindale, TX

That’s a wrap!  Full A/V installation complete at JAMA main sanctuary.  We have included our top-of-the-line LSS speaker systems for this project.  4 LSS QREX main speakers, 4 LSS OCTO 18 subs, and 4 LSS M60 delays with Powersoft Quattrocanali Series amplifiers.  Doesn’t get that better than this.  Full range support from deep lows to

Day 2 – JAMA Global Campus @ Lindale, TX

Day 2 underway in completion of main worship facility.  Now that all the wiring has been laid out, the team took the rest of the day to mount the LSS mains and delays.  High performance Powersoft amplifiers are used for LSS systems.  Upon completion, lighting systems and projectors were installed.  Very excited to see the

Day 1 – JAMA Global Campus @ Lindale, TX

First day installing the main room of JAMA Global Campus.  For the majority of the day, the team ran all the necessary lines for full production setup.  Speaker system, projectors, switchers, amplifiers, consoles, and more.  Next step, mounting speakers, routing and system configuration.  

JAMA Global Missions – Conference Room @Lindale, TX

JAMA Global Missions got the confirmation to start a new movement here at Lindale, Texas.  JAMA is a prayer movement focusing on awakening and revival for Christian leaders.  Receiving the blessings of this vacant campus, immediate work needed to be fulfilled to get the rooms up and running.  Living Sound is honored to be a

Audio System Installation @ Presbyterian Church of Metro Detroit

Living Sound got the call to provide audio system install at Presbyterian Church of Metro Detroit.  We were very excited for the church because our top-of-the-line LSS QREX were being debuted!  After installation was complete, church members and were very surprised and amazed at the sound quality of the unit.  Highly pleased with the results. 

Video System Installation @ El Paso Central Baptist Church

Living Sound got the call to implement ways on improving the visual aspects of their worship services. Also, the church pastor wanted to further utilize their webpage with high quality video footages of the sermon. After upgrading new projectors, cameras and video switcher, the church was highly pleased with the finals results.