Church AV

[AV Installation] G3 Madison Church in Madison, AL


Living Sound finished this project with G3 Madison Church in Alabama.This brand new building is ready for wonderful worship service! The sanctuary is equipped with the following LSS Speakers: LSS M60 – Main Speakers LSS SP220 – Down-fill Speakers LSS Octo 18 – Subwoofer Speakers LSS M30.3 – Stage Monitor Speakers LSS MM1 – Podium

[Audio Consultation] Chin Revival Church at Irving, TX


Living Sound visited Chin Revival Church (CRC) in Irving, TX. They wanted to improve the live sound and live streaming sound quality. We were amazed that the media members were all volunteers. Therefore, Living Sound provided the most effective solutions for the volunteers. Now they are using digital snake with Behringer Wing Mixer and using

[Audio Consultation] G3 Church in Killeen, TX


Since entrusting the installation of the sound system to another company, G3 Church has asked Living Sound for consulting due to frequent feedback, poor clarity of the sound, and problems of not hearing each other on the monitor speakers. We tuned all sound systems and improved feedback problems and clarity. The worship team hasn’t been

LED Wall Display in Living Sound Studio

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Living Sound continues to expand to provide total media solutions for churches such as video/lighting/broadcasting. We are trying to expand its field to LED screens so that we can provide all the professional services needed. In most companies, LEDs are only in charge of sales, and installations are often subcontracted. However, Living Sound is preparing