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[Event Rental] Inaugural Service of Texas Christian News in Dallas, TX

Living Sound went out for sound rentals for the inaugural service of Texas Christian News. We operated full-band praise and speeches from many speakers. We received a number of positive feedback from the audience, speakers, and praise team members. LSS LT60 speakers and our professional technician made it happen! Living Sound guarantees the best quality

[Event Rental] Changing Life & Destiny Conference in Plano, TX

Living Sound collaborated with Grace Point Media for Changing Life & Destiny Conference in Plano, TX. We installed one of our top speakers, LSS LT60, as primary speakers. With their fullness and high definition of sound quality, people were able to enjoy this event! If you are planning to host a small/medium/large event, please do

[Event Rental] Dinner show @ Carrollton Marriott Hotel

Amidst of a special dinner outing, many local talents have gathered here at the Carrollton Marriott Hotel to showcase their KPOP performance.  Many talented singer/songwriters have participated in this event along with 500+ local guests.  We have featured various LSS products for this special night and as always, feedback was very positive!

[Wedding Rental] @ The Westin Galleria – Dallas, TX

The LSS LT60 sound system package was used for the special wedding. With the white LSS LT60, it fit the setting perfectly. As expected, the sound quality and punchiness of the speakers made the night more memorable to the hosts and attendees. Need high-quality yet affordable speakers for your special event? Feel free to contact

[AV Rental] @ Speedway Club Conference Hall – Fort Worth, TX

The event rental package went out to the Speedway Club Conference Room here at Fort Worth, TX.  Great venue, beautiful scenery.  It’s the perfect location to host a special event.  With the LSS line products, it provided the necessary coverage and clarity for the attendees to enjoy the performance.  Want more details regarding our rental

[AV Rental] DNOW Conference @ Forth Worth, TX

With the LSS sound system package and the hot Sire Monster 7 microphones, it created a rich and thick atmosphere for time of worship.  With a full house, the LSS package had more than enough power to make the sound very full and even throughout the room.  Another successful outing!

LED Wall Display in Living Sound Studio

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Living Sound continues to expand to provide total media solutions for churches such as video/lighting/broadcasting. We are trying to expand its field to LED screens so that we can provide all the professional services needed. In most companies, LEDs are only in charge of sales, and installations are often subcontracted. However, Living Sound is preparing