Event Rental

Intercp Conference – English Ministry @ Houston, TX

Living Sound took initiative of providing audio needs for the English Ministry Intercp Conference.  With the LSS M60 / OCTO 18 sound system package, the sound quality and coverage was more than sufficient providing excellence and sound diversity for their worship services.  Glad to be of service for this great event!

Dining For The Beach @ Fort Worth, TX

Birchman Baptist Church hosted a special fund-raising event to raise donation for local missions.  Living Sound provided the necessary equipment and personnel needed for the outside event.  By evening time, the church successfully raised sufficient amount of funds ending the night on a positive note.  

A/V Rental @ Speedway Club Conference Hall – Fort Worth, TX

The event rental package went out to the Speedway Club Conference Room here at Fort Worth, TX.  Great venue, beautiful scenery.  It’s the perfect location to host a special event.  With the LSS line products, it provided the necessary coverage and clarity for the attendees to enjoy the performance.  Want more details regarding our rental

Korean ROTC Federation North America @ Marriott Hotel – Fort Worth, TX

Full rental package went out today here at Marriott Hotel – Fort Worth, TX. Only 5 minutes into rehearsal, the performers were very satisfied with the sound. Have yet to hear negative remarks about the LSS speakers.  Make LSS your next priority for your next event! Mains: LSS-M60 Subs: LSS-OCTO18 Monitors: LSS-WM2 Amps: Powersoft X4;

LSS Advanced Speaker Demo

LSS speakers are the best solution to all demands. The unique high clarity and elaborate/powerful sound of the LSS will bring a new revolution in the USA audio market. Special thanks to all the participants who took part in this remarkable event.

SWBTS Pastor’s Conference – Fort Worth, TX

Korean pastors and elders got together for the opening rally here at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary.  Living Sound provided audio equipment and personnel for the worship service and pastor’s message. #LSS #PP4-10 #OCTO18 #WM2

Hannuri Church Retreat – Denton, TX

Living Sound was asked to provide audio setup and personnel for Hannuri’s Church Retreat at Denton, TX. With the LSS-M60 mains and 4 LSS-OCTO18 sub-woofers (ran by Powersoft X4 amps), numerous positive reviews were given by the church congregation. Rather than searching and using their own sound system, Living Sound filled that void resolving one

MMC Charity Concert – Fort Worth, TX

The Living Sound was hired to design and install monitor speaker system to improve the monitoring environment for the instrument players and vocalists, and to provide improved clarity for pastor’s microphone. Living Sound provided four LSS SP-220 series as floor wedge monitors on four separate mixes and two LSS WM-2 coaxial wedge monitors for the