Event Rental

TNE @ Christ For The Nations – Dallas, TX

Living Sound had the privilege of showcasing the LSS WM-2 floor wedges here at Christ For The Nations.  Whether you are closer or further away from these monitors, the WM-2 adjusts well with proximity effect.  Pairing two stacks on opposite sides ensured the punch, clarity and fullness for the singers/musicians.

SXSW 2017 – Austin, TX

If you are from Texas, everyone knows about the SXSQ Conference & Festivals.  Living Sound had the privilege of offering our services for the 2017 KPOP Night Out.  Famous KPOP artists like Tiger JK and Red Velvet have came out to perform their songs to the Austin crowd.  Using the LSS WM-2 floor wedges, the

CMIT Concert @ Flower Mound, TX

Every year, Flower Mound Korean Church holds their Christmas concert here in the main auditorium.  The event is held for its members and to the public.  Going off the church’s setup, Living Sound’s role is to provide additional audio systems, microphones and personnel needed for the full production.  Our team was grateful to help out

Loren Cunningham Conference (YWAM Founder) Tyler, TX

Need equipment for your next outdoor event?  At the Loren Cunningham Conference, Living Sound featured the compact LSS WM-2 floor monitors.  These powerful wedges gained positive feedback from the band and Mr. Cunningham himself.  They did not have to worry about outside noise overriding the monitor level.  As expected, the WM-2 projected tonal qualities making

LSS QREX Rental Package

Ideal for medium to long-throw applications. This system was designed for high performance and very high peak output for concert sound and big event of disco music also ideal for any fixed install application. The trapezoidal cabinet is constructed out of 18 mm birch plywood, and coated polyuretanic paint. The powering mode is full range

Dinner Show @ Carrollton Marriott Hotel

Amidst of a special dinner outing, many local talents have gathered here at the Carrollton Marriott Hotel to showcase their KPOP performance.  Many talented singer/songwriters have participated in this event along with 500+ local guests.  We have featured various LSS products for this special night and as always, feedback was very positive!

KPOP Festival TEXAS 2017

On June 24th, Living Sound dispatched their LSS sound system (  #LSS#M60 #OCTO18 #WM2 & #PowersoftX4 ) for the 2017 DFW KPOP World Festival. This competition showcased many talents to those who had a passion for the KPOP industry. The amazing high quaity of the LSS series assured satisfaction and comfort to the contestants, panel, and the audience.