[AV Rental] TCC Campus showcase event

  • Main Line-Array Speakers – LSS HDA24
  • (4x) Subwoofers – LSS OCTO18
  • (4x) Stage Monitors – LSS TSM14
  • (2x) Amplifier – Powersoft X4

What a spectacular outing at the TCC Campus! Showcased our top-of-the-line sound system package with the LSS HDA24 line array, OCTO18 subs and the new TSM14 stage monitors. Received raved reviews from the audience and even more from the performers. As an artist, you want to feel comfortable and uplifted when performing on stage. Feeling the punch of the subs and hearing the full-range clarity from stage monitors, the performers got the experience of a lifetime. Don’t take shortcuts with your big events. Give the audience their money’s worth and more importantly, give your performers a great and comfortable experience. GO with the versatile and never failing LSS sound system package!

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