Audio Consulting

[A/V Consultation] Multi-Purpose Hall in Mansfield, TX


Living Sound visited Mansfield, TX to have a meeting on how efficiently design and install A/V and broadcasting systems for various purposes. This place will be used as a church on weekends and an event/wedding hall on weekdays.Unlike other companies, they were satisfied with our easy and clear explanation. They were impressed with our portfolio

[Audio Consultation] G3 Church in Killeen, TX


Since entrusting the installation of the sound system to another company, G3 Church has asked Living Sound for consulting due to frequent feedback, poor clarity of the sound, and problems of not hearing each other on the monitor speakers. We tuned all sound systems and improved feedback problems and clarity. The worship team hasn’t been

[AV Consultation] Coyote Ridge Golf Club in Carrollton, TX

Living Sound received a request to design the greatest A/V system Ballroom for the DFW area. They mentioned that it is difficult to find a ballroom with a great A/V system. We visited the place and provided the best design for their request.If they decide to work with Living Sound, we will try our best

[AV Consultation] Christian Chapel Temple of Faith in Dallas, TX

Living Sound visited Christian Chapel Temple of Faith for audio consulting for live and streaming service! They found us from the local church community and read our great reviews from the previous churches! We are so grateful that so many churches are satisfied with our works and writing a good review for other communities! Please

[AV Consultation] Church at the Crossing in Aledo, TX

We visited Church at the Crossing for A/V consulting. They have lots of problems due to the old A/V and lighting system.We walked around the stage and media room and discussed how we can improve the A/V and lighting system with the best-fit budget. As much as Church at the Crossing trusts us, Living Sound

[AV Consultation] New Community Baptist Church at Houston, TX.

This time we visited New Community Baptist Church in Houston, TX!They had several problems with feedback occurring from the pastor’s microphone and uneven distribution of sounds that formed dead zones. Also, since this church is old, they had noise issue with the amplifiers and some microphone cables. Living Sound is here to troubleshoot any kind