Audio Consulting

[Audio Consultation] Cheongju Church, Korea

After the Cheongju seminar, one of the churches which joined our seminar urgently requested a consultation. Yes! We are here to solve the problems for your church! They kept having problems with the sound after getting several consultations from many different companies. After the consultation, there was so much positive feedback from the church members

[Audio Consultation] City Church International in Dallas, TX

Living Sound visited City Church International in Dallas, TX. They wanted to upgrade their speakers due to the outdated speakers. They said they were not able to hear the voices clearly and the worship sound was lack of mid-low frequency which is the richness of sound. We suggested different options including line array, point source,

[AV Consultation] Greater El Bethel Baptist Church in Dallas, TX

Living Sound visited Greater El Bethel Baptist Church in Dallas, TX. They wanted to upgrade their old A/V system but didn’t know where to start. One of their community church introduced us to them. We provided good guidance and idea so they can start thinking about upgrading their A/V system. If you are struggling with

[Audio Consultation] Chin Revival Church at Irving, TX


Living Sound visited Chin Revival Church (CRC) in Irving, TX. They wanted to improve the live sound and live streaming sound quality. We were amazed that the media members were all volunteers. Therefore, Living Sound provided the most effective solutions for the volunteers. Now they are using digital snake with Behringer Wing Mixer and using

[A/V Consultation] Multi-Purpose Hall in Mansfield, TX


Living Sound visited Mansfield, TX to have a meeting on how efficiently design and install A/V and broadcasting systems for various purposes. This place will be used as a church on weekends and an event/wedding hall on weekdays.Unlike other companies, they were satisfied with our easy and clear explanation. They were impressed with our portfolio

[Audio Consultation] G3 Church in Killeen, TX


Since entrusting the installation of the sound system to another company, G3 Church has asked Living Sound for consulting due to frequent feedback, poor clarity of the sound, and problems of not hearing each other on the monitor speakers. We tuned all sound systems and improved feedback problems and clarity. The worship team hasn’t been

[AV Consultation] Coyote Ridge Golf Club in Carrollton, TX

Living Sound received a request to design the greatest A/V system Ballroom for the DFW area. They mentioned that it is difficult to find a ballroom with a great A/V system. We visited the place and provided the best design for their request.If they decide to work with Living Sound, we will try our best