[Event Rental] 2023 CBN (Conservative Baptist Network) Conference

Living Sound was incredibly moved by the overwhelming presence of God at the CBN (Conservative Baptist Network) Conference. It was a true testament to the power of worship and we are thrilled to have been a part of such an extraordinary event.

Our team’s hard work and dedication paid off as we joined in this wonderful worship experience and conference. The sound quality was nothing short of amazing, and we were humbled by the positive feedback we received from numerous congregants after the conference came to a close.

But we couldn’t have done it alone. We want to express our deepest gratitude to the Worship Team and Media Team at Birchman Baptist Church for their outstanding collaboration and exceptional talent.

Living Sound is here to support faithful gatherings! If your event needs an AV System, please do not hesitate to contact us!
We will work together to glorify His Name!

For More Info, please visit: https://thelivingsound.com/rental_/

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