[AV Consultation] St. Philip’s Episcopal Church in Frisco, TX

We recently visited St. Philip’s Episcopal Church in Frisco, TX. Their Speaker System has been in use for a remarkable 17 years!
However, it’s time for an upgrade. The speaker drivers have become outdated, and cannot make a clean and quality sound anymore.

At Living Sound, we take pride in assisting churches in optimizing their audio systems. We conducted a thorough assessment of the issues and compiled an official report for the church leaders. This comprehensive report will serve as a valuable resource, guiding the church in making informed decisions for their audio system investment.

Whether it’s consultation, inspection, or providing top-notch equipment, Living Sound is dedicated to supporting and guiding churches in need.

If you’re interested in our consultation and inspection services or want to learn more about how we can enhance your church’s sound experience, visit our website for more information!

👉 https://thelivingsound.com/consultation/ 👈

We’re here to help you bring the best sound to your worship services and events!

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