[2022LivingSoundAsiaTourSeminar] Asia Tour Seminar at Busan, Korea

Living Sound is having a busy schedule for the 2022 Living Sound Asia Tour Seminar. We visited Busan, Korea for the local churches. All the media directors, volunteers, and pastors joined this seminar to learn more about operating both on-site worship services and online worship services.

We also demonstrated to people our LSS speakers and how these powerful speakers can improve the sound of the worship. People were amazed by its clarity, dynamic, and richness of sound.

Finally, we had a quality QnA time for people can ask any questions that they could not find the answer to on the Internet.

It was such a wonderful time with these many people gathering again after the Covid.

We will keep moving on to the next location, Jeju Island!

We will keep yall updated!

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