Church Ensemble Recording @ Birchman Baptist Church

On Thursday night, it was the first time tracking numerous vocals for the Birchman Worship album. The ensemble consists of six singers being responsible for melody, alto and soprano. From the media team to participating vocalists, everyone did an fantastic job fulfilling their duties for this amazing production. More projects to come!

Studio Recording @ Birchman Baptist Church

Birchman Baptist Church regulated their first attempt in tracking vocals and instruments for their upcoming music video. Living Sound was responsible all areas of operation including tracking and post production. After seeing the flexibility and capability of the studio space, we can expect more upcoming projects for Birchman Baptist Church.

DK-NET Radio Station Installation – Dallas, TX

DK-NET Radio wanted to revamp their second recording room into a live broadcasting station.  Installing additional audio feeds and acoustical treatment, it did not take long for them to go live using the new upgraded room.