[VIDEO] Vocal M/V Project @ Living Sound Studio

Living Sound took part in tracking vocals for the upcoming Korean album.  Vocals were recorded here at Birchman’s recording studio and then sent out to Korea for final mixing/mastering.  Talented vocalists and engineers made the evening go by really smooth and as expected, ended on a very high note.  Need high quality vocal recording for

[VIDEO] Vocal M/V Project @ Living Sound Studio

It was an honor making the full production of this heartfelt project here at Living Sound Production. God fulfills and conquers all!  Interested in being involved in our continuing project in spreading the gospel? Feel free to contact us!  #Livingsoundproduction   Credit: Jae Lee

[VIDEO] Violin M/V Production @ Living Sound Studio

“Unworthy, but with you alone, wherever you send me, I will go” It was an honor making the full production of this heartfelt project here at Living Sound Production. Listening to this soothing performance reveals eye-opening moments in our personal lives of how much we lack. Yet, God fulfills and conquers all!     Credit:

Bible Verse Recording @ Living Sound Studio

Our clients needed to track high quality audio for their online Bible Verse Recording.  With the Focusrite RedPre & Neumann TLM49 microphone, we were able to fulfill the clients need with crisp audio files.  Need recordings done at a professional level studio?  Make your appointment with us!

News Korea Video Shoot @ Living Sound Studio

The News Korea team rented out the Living Sound Studio for their upcoming video shoots.  The projects are designed for video documentaries, online teaching, and church news columns.  With professional presenters and staff committee, it made the process go by alot smoother and quicker.  Clients were highly satisfied ending the night in a great success.

Vocal Tracking for Birchman Baptist Church Annual Album Recording

Another day in the studio for Birchman Baptist Church annual recording! As the deadline approaches, the team is displaying their best efforts in putting together this fantastic project. For this round, main priority was vocal tracking and editing. The night went really smooth and overall, the project was a huge success. Thank you everyone for

Birchman Annual Album Recording @ Fort Worth, TX

First recording day of Birchman Baptist Church annual album.  Every year, the church releases an album to show their passion for God thru their versatile musical pieces.  It is great to see the process and musical arrangements are improving every year!  It was an highly successful evening.  More tracking to come in the near future!