Living Sound is a project management company pertaining to solutions and consulting.  We offer customers better personalization, optimal customer service, and provide streamlined proposals.  State-of-the-art customization is the greatest strength of Living Sound. Exorbitant expenses have become common in the U.S. work environment.  In comparison to yearly base salaries, an enormous overhead is necessary.  For these reasons, the project-based method Living Sound offers is more desirable for clients.

Based on years of experience directing church media, sound, video, lighting, and quality skills based on theories of sound, video, lighting, and networking, Living Sound will do its best to help your church media system achieve optimal results.  Living Sound ensures satisfaction to our volunteers, as they will not be burdened to use the media system with the utmost confidence.



One of the capabilities Living Sound is proud to offer is having the authority to rent top-tier media equipment from various well-know companies. This involves sound, lighting, stage, and special effects.

LIVING SOUND works hard for the satisfaction of our customers.

We want our customers to deeply trust our work. We work thoroughly and efficiently with you until the event is successfully closed.

For more than 15 years, an experienced technician from Living Sound has led numerous small to large stage performances and events in the U.S.

In wanting customer growth to be the foundation of Living Sound, we will do everything into recommending new technologies and offer excellent services, so that reasonably priced and top quality sound systems can be provided to our customers.


Professional knowledge completes your design.

Live Event Rental

Professional equipment and staff makes your event delightful.


Living sound Studio had provided the highest-level producing provided with top-tier equipment such as a camera, microphone, A/V systems, and LED walls, with experienced engineers. We can meet all your producing needs whether you are making a music video, hosting a podcast, or a TV show.

Living Sound makes your production more professional and convenient.

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