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Birchman Baptist Church Worship Center (Processing)

Living Sound is in the process of designing and installing all the required speakers for the main hall.  As shown below, the placement of line arrays, balcony speakers, front fills and delays have been carefully integrated into provide even coverage for all church attendees.



First Virginia Baptist Church  (Processing)

Living Sound was given the assignment for a mid-tier sound system install at a church in Virginia.  Aside from every gear reaching its brink, numerous dead spots were noticed in their previous setup.  Wanting to provide even coverage and better quality of sound, the team designed a method where satisfaction is guaranteed for everyone in the congregation.



Austin Korean Presbyterian Church  (Processing)

Living Sound took command for a full A/V install at Austin Korean Presbyterian Church. Transitioning to a larger venue, the church asked for a fresh start.  Wanting to go with the LSS package, we knew the church would be very excited and not feel disappointed.#M60 #SP220 #OCTO18 #WM2 #Pulce #MIL130 #M30.2.



Hanmaum International Baptist Church  

Audio and visual installation at Hanmaum International Baptist Church at Fort Worth, TX.  Great thing about this system design is that most average sized churches can relate to this setup.  LSS speaker design presents great clarity to both the congregation and worship team.

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Birchman Baptist Church Gym Audio 

Installing a high-quality sound system is almost second nature to most gym facilities. We see every room having their own potential.  The community highly appreciated the final results and were amazed by the sound quality of the LSS speakers.
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Birchman Video Control Room Installation

The video control room went through a huge makeover here at Birchman Dallas Church. The Living Sound team did a fantastic job designing and putting together this amazing facility.  Want to upgrade your control room?  Contact us!



San Antonio Baptist Church AV system Installation 

Living Sound was given the assignment to design and install live sound reinforcement for a 150-200 member church.  By analyzing the ceiling height to speaker throw/angle ratio, we went with our compact LSS SP-425 2-way loudspeaker for optimal coverage.  In addition, installed the LSS SP-220 for worship team stage monitors and LSS MM-1 for pastor’s personal monitor.



Utah Oriental Mission Church, UT 

Our client wanted Living Sound to provide audio upgrades for their church main sanctuary and crying room.  Understanding their current situation, we have provided the best solution to satisfy their needs.  Going with the LSS SP-530 mains and LSS PP-4 front fills, we made sure the clarity and fullness were present for the people in the front to the back.  In addition, a single LSS PP-4 was also installed for the crying room.