At Living Sound, we strive for the satisfaction of our customers.  Our knowledgeable technicians have led numerous stage events from small family parties to large concert events throughout the United States and around the world!

Our mission is to tailor make each experience for your wants and needs.  We are always up to date with technology in live production and are ready with the newest of products.

Living Sound is ready to provide excellent service and a fantastic experience for your next event!

SXSW KPOP Night Out Live Concert

Living Sound took initiative of providing audio equipment and stagehand for the 2018 KPOP concert.  Many well-known artists from Korea (such as Crush, Lee Hi, KARD, and more) have gathered here for this annual spectacular event.  Thank you team for your hard work!

Hannuri Church Retreat 

With the LSS-M60 mains and 4 LSS-OCTO18 sub-woofers (ran by Powersoft X4 amps), numerous positive reviews were given by the church congregation. Rather than searching and using their own sound system, Living Sound filled that void resolving one less obstacle for their church retreat.

Intercp Conference 

We are grateful to dispatch our marvelous and pro-line speakers to our customers.  With our very best LSS QREX sound system package, positive reviews were given all around. Additionally, with the LSS M60 / OCTO 18 sound system package for smaller conference rooms, the sound quality and coverage was more than sufficient providing excellence and sound diversity for their worship services.  We are thankful to provide our customers fantastic results for the church conference.

ROTC Federation North America

Full rental package went out to Marriott Hotel and Speedway Club Conference Hall at Fort Worth, TX. Only 5 minutes into rehearsal, the performers were very satisfied with the sound. Have yet to hear negative remarks about the LSS speakers.  Make LSS your next priority for your next event!

Mains: LSS-M60
Subs: LSS-OCTO18
Monitors: LSS-WM2
Amps: Powersoft X4; Lab Gruppen IP2400
Console: Midas M32